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How We Do it

Using Samvit's off shoring methodology we maximize the benefits by optimizing offshore contribution. This methodology can be readily applied to deliver a range of software services through offshore model.

Samvit has a well defined model for its outsourced product development process using a combination of onsite, offsite and offshore processes. This combination offers high quality, cost-effective service to clients who also benefit from the significantly lower costs of offshore services combined with local project management.

Typically, the outsourced development process consists of the following phases, which could be scaled up or down depending on the size of the project.

Acquiring complete information:

Wherein, we almost work with our customer to acquire whatever we can get about the proposed project or process and the success rates of the similar running projects.

Development of mutual vision:

Wherein, we deploy the gathered information among the team for the further development of the structure modules in terms of services, processes and projects.

Feasibility Analysis :

Wherein the quoted requests will be circulated for constructive measures seeking similar models of the process and a thorough study will be done before recommendations about the viability of the project.

Evaluation, Estimation & Finalization :

Wherein the received recommendations will be evaluated and a construction of project estimation will be done for the finalization of the outsourcing.

After Finalization:

  • Analysis
  • Technical Design
  • Link and System Testing
  • Build
  • Unit Testing
  • Set-up Offshore Environment
  • Offshore Acceptance
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Client Acceptance
  • Ongoing Support